About Us

Buy To Empower /Consommer pour Changer believes in race equality. Therefore, it promotes businesses, organizations, projects, events and initiatives around the world that stand against discriminatory practices based on race and for social justice.


We set our priorities, for now, on issues that deal with anti-Black and anti-First Nations racism in North America.


We are a dynamic directory of businesses that are owned by Black, Aboriginal people and any other businesses and organizations that promote and support social and racial equity. For those who are asking how to do it, we provide here different ways businesses and organizations may support the cause:

        • Establish clear protocols to address racial discrimination
        • Follow the laws and conventions on racial discrimination and racism
        • Educate and train employees on race related issues
        • Diversify their workforce and be sensitive to racial representation and recognition
        • Support social justice through well balanced social responsibility programs
        • Take clear steps to treat everybody with dignity irrespective of their racial or ethnic backgrounds.

If your business and organization is willing to follow those best practices and you want to share your story with the public, please feel free to fill this form to be listed with us.


Although the listing is free, a voluntary donation is always appreciated so we can continue to inform the public on businesses that support racial equality. You may do so using the Donate button on this page.


Together, let us build an equitable world!